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DUVAL 2006


For an exhaustive listing of all statistics for David Duval's 2013 season as well as his entire career, we highly recommend the PGATour website.  You can visit their website by clicking here:



David Duval Statistics

This is your place to find various stats on David Duval's 2013 Season as well as some general stats on his money list ranking.

We have received numerous requests for David Duval's career statistics.  In association with the PGA Tour, the official PGA Tour website contains all detailed stats for David Duval listed all the way back to 1990.

Just click here for the PGA Tour official David Duval career statistics.

Ways to obtain an exemption on the PGA Tour:


Lifetime exemption - Win 20 or more events


5 year exemption - Winning a Major


3 year exemption - Winning a WGC event


2 year exemption - Winning a PGA Tour event


1 year exemption - Top 125 Money Winner


One-time 1 year exemption can be granted to a tour player that is in the top 50 all-time career money list (David Duval for 2009).


One-time 1 year exemption can be granted to a tour player that is in the top 25 all-time career money list (David Duval for 2007).


Major Medical exemptions (David Duval for 2008)


David Duval has the third most PGA Tour victories of a Nationwide Tour graduate.  Duval has 13 PGA Tour victories.

Remember When:

David Duval won the Nationwide Tour Championship back in 1993.  He won $36,000 for that victory.  Look at how the tournament purses have increased since the first time that it was won by David back in 1993.


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