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DUVAL 2006


Thanks to all of the fans of David Duval from around the world!


Pictures and Video
Feel free to send us any pictures/video clips that you have of David Duval, and we will post them on the site.  We have started a new section of the Pictures area for some of the submissions from David's fans.



Pictures From Fans

Thanks to all of the David Duval fans from around the world.  We have received thousands of e-mails from many countries around the globe.  Thanks for all of the support.  Only a few of those e-mails contained pictures, and we have put those in this section.

Here is a recent fan photo from Jim from the 2011 Palmer Invitational.

Here are two great photos from the 2010 US Open.

A special thanks to Cooper B. for these shots from the FBR Open.


We look forward to receiving more pictures and videos from Duval fans throughout the rest of the year.

David was not at the Masters in 2007/2008, but here are a few pictures from the 2006 Masters sent in to the website from some of his fans.  If you have any Masters pictures or other pictures of David Duval that you have taken while at a PGA Tour event then we would love to receive them.  Thanks for the pictures so far:



Duval - Practice Range Video




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