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DUVAL 2006


David Duval was married in March 2004, and he now resides in Colorado with his wife and five children.


Pictures and Video
Feel free to send us any pictures/video clips that you have of David Duval, and we will post them on the site.  We have started a new section of the Pictures area for some of the submissions from David's fans.



David Duval Pictures/Videos

Video clips from the 2007 Bob Hope (courtesy of PGATour.com):

2007 Bob Hope Video


Here are four links that contain video footage / commentary of David Duval's incredible 59 in the final round of the 1999 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic.

For those of you that have asked - "How long was his approach shot on 18 and what club did he use?  Just watch Video #2 for the answer."

"59" - Video #1

"59" - Video #2

"59" - Video #3

"59" - Video #4


Here is a link to a great video interview with Charlie Rose from 1999 - Enjoy!


Pictures From Fans

Click the link above to see the new section that contains pictures that we have received from fans.  As the section to the left says, feel free to send us any pictures/video clips of David Duval and we will post them on the site.

Thanks again to all of David's fans from around the world!

Pictures and Video from the 2006 84 Lumber Classic  

Video Clips of Duval at the 84 Lumber Classic (Practice Round)

Opening Tee Shot on Wednesday

12th Hole - Tee Shot

16th Hole - Approach Shot

17th Hole - Tee Shot

18th Hole - Greenside Shot


PGA Championship pictures (from various AP photo sources)

One picture from The International (from Gamma photo sources)

Here is the link to The Golf Channel's David Duval video vault:

The Golf Channel - David Duval Video Vault

Here is the link to The Golf Channel's David Duval picture gallery:

The Golf Channel - David Duval Gallery

Here is the link to The WireImage (Thanks to The WireImage for the usage of a few pictures on this site):

The WireImage.com - David Duval Gallery



Duval at #15 Tee

Duval at #15 Green

David Duval with Hank Kuehne and Rod Pampling (Bay Hill Champion)


David Duval's Golf Bag at the Caddy Tee on #17 (Note: Duval's caddy hit a great shot, but he did not finish closest to the pin to win the money)

Video Clips of Duval at the TPC Sawgrass

Duval drive on 15

Duval putt on 15

David Duval at 17

David Duval's caddy at 17

Duval putt on 18

Video Clip of Duval winning at the TPC Sawgrass in 1999

Duval wins in 1999

David wasn't at the Players Championship this year, but here is the Memorable Moments article from PGATour.com about David's victory in 1999.

Archived video clips from masters.org

masters.org video search

For those of you that have never seen the Mayne Event from ESPN where David Duval plays Miniature Golf (or Less Big Golf as he likes to call it) and talks with Kenny Mayne, then you can get a good laugh from this clip.  Enjoy!  Click here for the Mayne Event with Duval.



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