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DUVAL 2006


For an exhaustive listing of all statistics for David Duval's season as well as his entire career, we highly recommend the PGATour website.  You can visit their website by clicking here:


David Duval Interview

Men's Journal  June/July 2010

This is a great article.

Click on the link above to read the entire interview on-line.


Fun Stuff

Link to all "David Duval" Golf Channel news - click here.

PNC Father/Son Challenge 2013

Grande Lakes Orlando, FL - December 12th-15th
Tee Time Pairings Score
Friday (Pro-Am) 9:10 a.m. Dean Karavites / 9:20 a.m. David Duval  
Rd. 1 - 8:41 a.m. David Duval / Dean Karavites                            (with Connor Cink and Stewart Cink) 64
Rd. 2 - 8:41 a.m. David Duval / Dean Karavites 68
FINAL RESULT: 13th ($42,750 Team)
Info at PNCFatherSonChallenge.com and also on Facebook

And if you have never been to the JW Marriott / Ritz-Carlton at Grande Lakes and played the Grande Lakes course then you need to put it on your "list of things to do"...click here to check it out.

Previous David Duval interview - from Mile High Sports

2011 News and Notes


David was named to the PGA Tour 2011 Player Advisory Council.


US Open Qualifier - Notes

David shot 69 / 76 at the Lakes and Brookside courses in Columbus Ohio, and did not qualify for the 2011 US Open.

DavidDuval.org was there to walk with David for all 36 holes and catch a bunch of great photos and video.  Also, David gave us some quotes to pass along to the fans after the qualifier.  Click here for that...


David was featured on Golf In America on the Golf Channel.  As part of that special, he also taped an "Internet-only" interview with Jim Gray.  If you want to know the real David Duval, and learn more about the man, the husband, the dad, the former #1 player in the world - then both the TV special and the internet interview are a must-see for the David Duval fan.

Click HERE for the "Internet-only" interview on the Golf Channel website.


David was featured in a "Men's Journal" article/interview last year.  Click here to read it, and again get a glimpse into David's life.


Here is an inspirational video from the 2004 Special Olympics event that helps us to keep life in perspective.

Kevin Erickson, Oliver Doherty, Bob Duval, and David Duval playing golf


Remember back to the Porter Cup, and David Duval's win back in 1992.  Here is a link to the recap of the 1992 Porter Cup - check out the great picture of David from 17 years ago...



Here is the link to the 1999 Ryder Cup History page so that you can reminisce that Team USA win in The Ryder Cup.  David Duval was a proud member of that team.  Enjoy!

1999 Ryder Cup


Here is a good article about David Duval from Jeff Babineau of GolfWeek.

The article is from December 2007.  Click here to read the article.


For those of you that have never seen the Mayne Event from ESPN where David Duval plays Miniature Golf (or Less Big Golf as he likes to call it) and talks with Kenny Mayne, then you can get a good laugh from this clip.  Enjoy!  This is a must see for any David Duval fan.

Click here for the Mayne Event with Duval.


Also, here is a Golf Digest article on David Duval


We have consolidated all of the key websites for David Duval fans

bullet PGA Tour Player Profile
bullet Official World Golf Ranking
bullet ESPN Player Information


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